General Scholarship Information

Scholarships by Due Date (2016 scholarships – 2017 to be posted soon)


Affordable Colleges Online (Guide to scholarships for minorities)

AC Online is an open-access, expert-driven guide to scholarships and financial aid for students, including minorities.


Aggie Need-Based Scholarship Application

Utah State University need-based scholarships are awarded to those students who have demonstrated a strong commitment to pursuing higher education but may have suffered potential setbacks. Several scholarships will be offered in varying amounts based on the following information: ability to cover college costs (based on FAFSA results), extenuating circumstances, first-generation status, and motivation to earn a degree. 


The BURGER KING Scholars program

This program assists employees, employees’ spouses or domestic partners, employees’ children and high school seniors in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada in continuing their education. 


Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation

Seniors in high schools throughout the United States who meet the eligibility requirements may apply each year for achievement-based scholarships. Additionally, two-year college scholarships for high school seniors or, scholarships for students in community colleges.


College Affordability Guide

An incredible website that helps students make informed decisions about paying for college – Included is a a list of the most affordable schools for low-income students by state and subject and in-depth financial aid resources for current students.


The College Assistance Migrant Program Scholarship

Provides financial support and academic support to students during the freshman year of college at 38 participating 4-year colleges and universities. The program is open to high school seniors with a migrant or seasonal farm working backgrounds who are US citizens or legal permanent residents. 


Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship


CORE’s Que Llueva Cafe Scholarship

CORE proudly sponsors this scholarship to help undocumented students continue on their academic path. This scholarship is a response to the lack of financial assistance provided to students, who do not have the legal documentation, that attend college in the United States. In particular they support undocumented students that have met the rigorous academic requirements asked of them and hold the academic promise to achieve so much more. For an application, please click HERE.


Daniels Fund Scholarship

The Daniels Scholarship Program provides a four-year, annually-renewable college scholarship for graduating high school seniors who demonstrate exceptional character, leadership, and a commitment to serving their communities. Applications close November 17, 2014.


The Dream Weber program

Began in 2010 to provide free tuition to students whose annual household income was $25,000 or less. Now, beginning fall semester 2014, the Dream Weber program provides free tuition and general student fees to students whose annual household income is $40,000 or less. 



Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Pell Grants for Low-Income Undergraduates – In addition to student loans, FASFA offers Federal Pell Grants to eligible individuals. A Federal Pell Grant, unlike a loan, does not have to be repaid. Pell Grants are awarded usually only to undergraduate students who have not earned a bachelor’s or a professional degree.

All eligible students interested in financial aid for college will need to complete this form. Submit your application electronically at:


The Gates Millennium Scholars (GMS) Program

Selects 1,000 talented students each year to receive a good-through-graduation scholarship to use at any college or university of their choice. 


Guide to Scholarships, Grants, and Resources for Hispanic Students

A guide to various scholarships specifically for Hispanic students (including undocumented students), as well as advice about deadlines, essay-writing, and more.


Hispanic Scholarship Fund

Founded in 1975, the Hispanic Scholarship Fund provides scholarships to Latino students, as well as related support services. HSF seeks to give students all the tools they need to apply to college, do well in their course work, graduate, enter a profession, excel, help lead our nation going forward, and mentor the generations to come.


Healthcare Scholarship Program

Are you looking for a scholarship to help with the costs of your education in the healthcare field? We offer two $500 scholarships each year in June and December and are currently accepting applicants for our December 2015 Scholarship Program. 


Imagine America Foundation

Works with more than 16,000 high school guidance counselors across the country. Graduating high school seniors who meet the recommended guidelines are eligible to receive a $1,000 tuition discount that can be used at career colleges participating in the Imagine America Scholarship Program throughout the nation. The program runs annually and has a December 31 deadline. 


Jameson Family Scholarship 

The Jameson Family Scholarship awards up to one two-semester scholarship valued at $6,200 and two one-semester scholarships valued at $3,100 each, which applies to the student’s college tuition. Last year a total of four scholarships were awarded. The scholarships are only valid at the University of Utah and will be paid out in two installments – one at the start of the Fall semester, 2014, and one at the start of the following semester. For more details year round, click HERE.


MALDEF’s (Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund) scholarship List


National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC)

An academic competition for recognition and scholarships. Students MUST take the PSAT/NSMQT sometime during grades 9-12 to be eligible. Additionally, outstanding participants who are not finalists may be eligible for special scholarships. 


New Century Scholarship

Scholarship may be used at any public college or university in the Utah System of Higher Education, as well as at Brigham Young University-Provo, LDS Business College, and Westminster College. 


Regents’ Scholarship

Encourages Utah high school students to earn an Associate degree in high school from an institution within the Utah System of Higher Education.


Scholarships A-Z

This site is a great resource for funding your academic career. 


Scholarships for Hispanics


The 2014 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards


Somos Foundation


University of Utah Diversity Scholarships


University Tutor holds a monthly $1,000 college scholarship contest. Any student over the age of 16 is eligible and students simply need to submit a 300 word essay responding to that month’s essay prompt. The winner is selected each month by personnel.


USHLI (United States Hispanic Leadership Institute) Scholarship Database for non-citizens


USHLI (United States Hispanic Leadership Institute) Scholarship Database


Varsity Tutors

Varsity tutors grants scholarships every month. 


The Western Union Family Scholarship Program

Helps immigrant/migrant fathers and sons, mothers and daughters and brothers and sisters move up the economic development ladder through education. Scholarships are used for college tuition, language acquisition, technical training and GED classes, with two family members receiving a scholarship to help achieve the type of education they need in order to create a brighter future for their entire family.  






Jameson Family Scholarship
Deadline: February 12, 2016
Requirements: Student must have been admitted to the University of Utah as an H.B. 144 student and have completed at least one year at the University of Utah.  We are looking for motivated students who have been involved in leadership and/or community activities, have a good academic record, have financial need, and are enrolled as full-time students at the time the award is used. Preference will also be given to (a) students who are majoring in the College of Social and Behavioral Science, (b) students who have been involved in leadership and/or community activities, (c) students who have applied for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), and (d) students who graduated from Wayne County High School, although the scholarship eligibility will not be limited to these students alone.


ACLU of Utah Youth Activist Scholarship
Deadline: February 15, 2016
Requirements: Be a current Utah high school senior planning on entering an accredited college or university as a full-time, degree-seeking student. A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale (If the GPA is less than 3.0, the applicant is still eligible but must submit an explanation for the lower GPA).  Have proof of strong commitment to civil liberties through some form of activism addressing such issues as equality, racial justice, free speech, religious freedom, tolerance, and privacy.


Deadline: February 27, 2016
Requirements: Be a current high school senior planning to enroll for the first time in an accredited college or university in the United States. Scholarship evaluates three key areas of evaluation:  (1) Your personal story, which takes into account financial need and other compelling challenges the applicant has had to endure; (2) extra-curricular involvement, which includes anything you do outside of class like community involvement, work, and clubs; and (3) Your academic promise, which is not limited to GPA or test scores but, more importantly, looks at your academic potential for the future.




Youthlinc Young Humanitarian Award
Deadline: March 16, 2016
Requirements: The Youthlinc Utah Young Humanitarian Award is a $5,000 college scholarship rewarded to an altruistic young person who strives to serve the local and global community each year. One runner-up will receive a $3,000 college scholarship. Three runner-ups will receive a $1,000 college scholarship. Youthlinc recognizes young people for their accomplishments in sports and academics, this is an award that celebrates outstanding humanitarian service among youth. Promoting humanitarian service among youth is the reason behind this annual tribute, sponsored in its tenth year by the George S. & Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation. Applicants must be U.S. Citizens, Permanent Residents, or DACA beneficiaries; a Junior or Senior in a Utah high school or must be enrolled full-time in an undergraduate college or University program in the state of Utah.


Utah Jump$tart Coalition Scholarship
Deadline: March 18, 2016
Requirements: The Utah Jump$tart Coalition Scholarship is open to all Utah graduating high school seniors planning to attend an accredited college or university, and who have successfully completed or is currently enrolled in the financial literacy course required for graduation. The Utah Jump$tart Coalition Scholarship is open to undocumented students (with or without DACA), and students who are U.S. Permanent Residents, and U.S. Citizens.


Honors Graduation Scholarship
Deadline: March 20, 2016
Requirements: Applicants must be graduating high school seniors already accepted to a college or university, or currently enrolled full- or part-time at an accredited college or university in the U.S. with a year or more remaining in their education. Additionally, students must have met all of the requirements described on this web page ( Employees of HonorsGradU and their families are not eligible to participate. Submissions must be received before the deadline of April 1 in order to qualify for the scholarship program.


The Jiffy Lube “Teen Driver” Scholarship
Deadline: March 25, 2016
Requirements: The Jiffy Lube “What Drives You?” Scholarship Program, has been created to give a unique and early opportunity for high school students to gain funding for college, or other qualified technical and/or professional programs through a scholarship award sponsored by neighborhood Jiffy Lube owners. Jiffy Lube wants to learn more about what drives these students now and where they see themselves down the road. The “What Drives You?” Scholarship opportunity will continue to offer specific scholarships to students in driver education, and will now offer additional scholarship awards to every teen driver enrolled in high school to pursue. The scholarship awards will not be based on a student’s GPA or other standard qualifying criteria, rather each individual will be allowed to express his/her “inner drive” and personal ambition — his/her chance to be behind the wheel. Applicants must be between 16-18; be U.S. Citizens, Permanent Residents, or DACA beneficiaries in a Utah high school. Please visit link below for application and instructions.


Becas Univision Scholarship Program
Deadline: March 30, 2016  (Applications available in January)
Requirements: The Becas Univision Scholarship Program awards 34 scholarships to Latina/o students living in the United States. Applicant must be a U.S. Citizen, Permanent Legal Resident, DACA or Eligible Non-Citizen (as defined by FAFSA), have minimum 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale (or equivalent) for high school students, community college transfers and current college students. Be of Latina/o or Hispanic heritage. Must be 1st Generation to attend college (neither your mother nor your father has attended college). And demonstrate financial need; this is determined based on your family income, number of people that reside in your household and the number of college students in your home. In order to apply student must complete FAFSA application online (DACA students must also fill out, but not submit – learn more by clicking here and here); and complete state DREAM Act financial aid application (if applicable; Utah does NOT have a State DREAM Act)


Hispanic Scholarship Fund General Scholarships
Deadline: March 30, 2016  (Applications available in January)
Requirements: The Hispanic Scholarship Fund General Scholarship is open to U.S. Citizen, Permanent Legal Resident, DACA or Eligible Non-Citizen (as defined by FAFSA). In order to qualify for an HSF scholarship, each applicant must meet all of the following requirements: Applicant must be of Hispanic heritage; minimum of 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale (or equivalent) for high school students; minimum of 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale (or equivalent) for college and graduate students; student must plan to enroll full-time in an accredited not-for -profit 4 year university or graduate school during Fall of scholarship cycle year; complete FAFSA application online (DACA students must also fill out, but not submit – learn more by clicking here and here); and complete state DREAM Act financial aid application (if applicable; Utah does NOT have a State DREAM Act). All majors and graduate fields accepted. Scholarship awards range from $500 to $5,000.